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Tips for Effective Smoke Alarm Installation

Avoid Dead Air Spaces When Placing Your Smoke Alarm

Because these smoke alarms will identify rising smoke in your home, some people assume that the only place for a smoke alarm is on their ceiling.

However while you should place an alarm in a high spot, this is not always the ceiling.

For example, in some homes ceiling can be a dead air space (for example between the exposed rafters of high ceiling homes) in which case you would need to place the alarm on the beam/rafter.

Recommended Locations for Smoke Alarms

Ideally you should have at least one smoke alarm per floor of your home. This also includes a smoke alarm in each bedroom and in every sleeping area.

To be more specific, it is highly recommended that you place a smoke alarm in the following spaces:

· At the bottom of the basement stairway and top of the first-to-second floor stairway

· In the hall near every sleeping area. If you have a hall longer than 12 meters, install a smoke alarm on each end

· Inside every bedroom, this is especially true if you sleep with the door completely or partly closed

· On every level of your home, this includes basements and finished attics

Are more alarms better?

Remember that just using the required number of smoke alarms in your home may not provide reliable early warning protection in certain areas.

To increase your overall levels of protection, it is a good idea to install more smoke alarms in areas where you feel it may be necessary. Especially with the affordability of smoke alarms, why not give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have adequate coverage?

Connect Your Smoke Alarms

If you are installing more than one smoke alarm in your house then it is good idea to connect the smoke alarms. This will mean that should an alarm detect smoke in one part of the house, all the alarms will be activated – giving you and your family more time to react and take action.

More Information

For more information on smoke alarms and smoke alarm placement, refer to the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service's Home Fire Safety Information Sheet.

This includes examples of where to place your alarms, as well as advice on the care, maintenance and selection of smoke alarms.

You can download the PDF from this page on the SA MFS site: Domestic Smoke Alarms – What You Need to Know or clicking this link: SA MFS Home Safety Information Sheet (PDF).

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