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Energy Efficiency in the Home for Your Home

Effective energy use may mean changing what you do and this can seem like a hassle - but actually there are several simple steps you can take that can save you power and money and that are hassle-free.

Here are a few things to consider doing:

Heating and Cooling Tips

38% of your energy is using in heating and cooling

  • heat or cool only the areas you are using and close of rooms you are not using

  • make the most of free heating and cooling - use that big yellow thing in the sky (aka the Sun) to heat your house in winter and in summer turn it down (a little) by using blinds and curtains.

Hassle Index - 1 (you might need to get up and down a bit more to open and close things)

  • Adjust your thermostat - 1 deg cooler in winter or accepting 1 deg higher in summer could knock 10% of your running costs

*Hassle Index - 3 (it might be a bit cooler in winter or a bit warmer in summer - so you might need to put on a little extra clothing (or wear something a little lighter in summer).

Water Heating and Washing Energy Saving Tips

* 25% of your energy is used in heating water - Take shorter showers (this might appeal to the kids more - just make sure it doesn’t become an excuse not to wash at all - we need to draw a line somewhere and ideally it is not through a thin streak of dirt!)

Hassle Index - 3 (2 if you are under 10 years old)

  • A cost saving tip - if you have a timer on your washing machine set your wash to occur off peak or shoulder. Check with your local supplier to ensure your billing supports this plan.

  • Consider using a clothesline (ah the good old Hills Hoist) or clothes horse and let your clothes dry as nature intended.

To find out more about using offpeak electricity - visit the SA Gov page on understanding your power bills

And also the EnergyMadeEasy site which offers a useful tool to help you compare energy (electricity and gas offers): Energy Offer Comparison Tool

  • Also, try a cold cycle (if acceptable) (for the washing not the showering - unless you are into that).

Lights Out

Turn off lights when you leave a room and consider switching to more energy efficient bulbs - compact flourseent lightbulbs are popular but keep an eye for LED lighting - which is typically more efficient and longer lasting. These are often more expensive but they last longer.

Hassle index - 1 (how hard is it to flip a switch - really?) These are few ideas.

For more information visit the SA Govt site: Saving Energy at Home or check out our post on 5 Tips to save energy in summer.

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