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5 Tips for Saving Power Over Summer

Five Ways to Save Power and Money This Summer

1 Insulate your ceilings and walls

In winter proper insulation preventing your losing heat through your ceilings and walls. In summer - insulation prevents heat passing through your roof and walls INTO your home.

2 Cool only the Rooms You Are Using

If you are using air conditioning, a fan, or some other source of artificial cooling (by the way keeping the fridge door open all day doesnt count!) another way to save power and money this summer only cool the rooms you are using.

Keep the doors and windows closed - keep the cool in and the heat out basically.

NOTE: If you are using an evaporative air conditioner you may need to keep doors and windows open a little since these rely on air flow to work effectively.

3 Be Chilled Out Rather than Frozen - Put the Thermostat Up a Notch

While it is tempting to crank the air conditioning way down to the point just before ice forms in your water - consider accepting just a bit of extra heat.

Every 1 degree you can tolerate could mean a 10% lower running cost for your appliance.

Of course, on the other hand we are not saying you should re-create your trip Alice Springs.

4 Keep the doors and windows open in the evenings - Enjoy the Breeze

Assuming it gets cooler at night round where you live, consider keeping the doors and windows ajar so you can enjoy the cool night breeze (and take some pressure off your air conditioning).

This is a good time to make sure your fly screens are up and running.

5 Pull the Curtain

Close the curtains or the blinds and thus reducing the amount of radiant heat (that's sunlight to you and us) is another simple way to make your home more bearable on hot days.

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