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Electricians Adelaide

5 Tips to Find a Dependable Adelaide Electrician

1 Go online

The internet provides most us with easy access to information so this is often a good place to start. Use a local directory service like TrueLocal, this not only gives you easy access to a list of businesses near you but also you can even find review of the local business.

2 Ask your friends and family - this includes people you work with

Recommendations and referrals are another great way to find a good electrician. At one time or another your friends would have used an electrician - start by asking them.

Once You Have Your Short List…Ask Questions

Once you have a list or a few names - give them a call or check their website - make sure you cover these points:

3 Make sure your electrical contractor is licensed or certified

In South Australia an electrical contractor needs a licence to operate and must issue with an electrical certificate of compliance - if they cannot do this - don’t use them.

4 Are the contractors experienced?

Find out how long they have been operating, and whether they have done similar work before. Few things beat good experience and practice. (Of course make sure they are also up to date)


5 Cheapest is not always best.

There is an old saying: “you get what you pay for” and when it comes to electrical work you want to bear this in mind.

You rely on electricity to keep your light your home, keep and prepare your food, entertain you and essentially make your life easier.

You want an electrical contractor that promises to provide prompt and reliable service, safe and effective installation and will be there if and when you need them for something else.

Saving a few dollars now could cost many dollars more (or worse) if your contractor does a poor job to save a few bucks.

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Electrician Adelaide
Electricians Adelaide
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