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Electricians Adelaide

Factors tо Cоnѕіdеr Bеfоrе You Hire an Electrical Contractor

Use a Licensed Electrician

If you are planning any form of electrical installation (including installing a new plug or switch) you need to use a licensed electrician. This is true in South Australia and in most other states.

If you use an unlicensed electrician for installation work then you are breaking the law and potentially putting yourself and your family in danger.

What Sort of Work Does Your Electrician Do?

Anything electrical really. Electrical work includes installation, repair, alteration or maintenance.

If you plan on doing this sort of work (or getting this sort of work done) than you need to use a licensed electrical contractor.

Note: This means the person has to be licensed - not just the business. If in doubt ask. In South Australia licences are issued by Consumer and Business Services.

Use a Full Service Electrical Contractor

Ideally look at hiring a full service electrical contractor - as the name implies these contractors typically have a broader range of experience and expertise and so can provide you with more information and advice.

How often has one apparent problem revealed a bigger set of problems - in these cases you want to use a contractor who has a range of services and skills at his or her disposal.

Perhaps you may not need all the services at one - unless you are starting a new home or business premise from the ground up (as it were) but you may require their services in the future.

Pool Heating? Outdoor Wiring? You Need an Electrical Contractor

For example - you may want to add or change your outdoor lighting, install pool heating, rewire an older home - bringing it up to code, or just have a safety audit done

Or as a business you may want replace your switchboards, add emergency lighting, fit out a part or your whole shop. You might even tap your electrician for some design advice or ideas,

A good electrical contractor can provide you with a wealth of ideas, and solve a myriad of electrical problems and issues. Making your day safer and more comfortable.

Once you find a good electrician - hold on to their card or number. You’ll be surprised when you (or your friends) might need one.

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We offer comprehensive electrical safety inspections for family homes.


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Electrician Adelaide
Electricians Adelaide
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